15 Mar

As many of you know, March 22nd will be the one year anniversary of Ana’s death.

One year. It’s amazing how many shapes grief takes over the course of a year. I could write about it forever, but for once this isn’t about my grief.

I don’t want to celebrate 3/22. It was, after all, the worst day of my life. But I do want to remember Ana–I want everyone to remember her–so I had this idea.

What if everyone who knows how to fold a crane, makes one on 3/22 and leaves it somewhere (anywhere) for someone to find? You can write something on it if you want–a note to Ana, about Ana, an inside joke–or you can just write #cranesforana and hopefully some stranger will search for that hashtag, find this site, and learn about my sweet girl, learn that she was here, that she was so very loved.

I’m going to learn how to fold a crane so I can do this. Ana tried to show me once (to disastrous results). But if I can learn to knit, I can learn to fold a crane.

I’ve asked a couple of Ana’s friends to spread the word to the kids that knew her and hopefully they can spread the word and…hopefully…many people will think of her that day. At the very least, you might make someone’s day by leaving a crane for them to find.

So, wherever you are…mark your calendars. Next Thursday, March 22nd, find some time in your day to fold a crane then leave it somewhere. Take a photo if you want, post it to instagram, Facebook, Twitter with the hashtag #cranesforana.

Let’s tell the world about her.