Memory Quilt

9 Apr

At the start of the school year, I reached out to my friend Jodi (an incredibly gifted quilter) and asked if she could turn some of Ana’s clothes into a quilt. By then, I’d already moved my desk into Ana’s bedroom and had begun throwing and giving things away. It took me many more weeks to go through her closet and empty drawers and shelves (in truth, there are still some items hanging in the closet).

The quilt came back today (thank you, Jodi!!) It makes me sad, but also so full of love to see Ana memorialized this way. I remember every item, every pattern, every piece.

The frog pajamas I got for her when she was 11, they were far too big. They finally fit her when she was around 14 and she still wore them during the last year of her life.

The Slayers Club t-shirt she was so proud of. She wore it with a gleam of humor in her eyes.

The light blue sundress with the white birds that she wore in LA.

The Urban Outfitters quilt and pillow case that were the last items to touch her besides the dress she was cremated in.

The coral sweater with the rainbow on the front that was far too expensive, but I bought it anyway and got a hug out of it.

I remember all of it. Every single piece.

Thank you, Jodi, for this precious gift.