Longreads Essay

2 Jan

I wrote this piece over the course of three of four months last year, starting shortly after Ana died. It is, in many ways, my post personal and meaningful of essays (it’s also the longest, at over 5000 words). Thank … Read More »

Nine Months

22 Dec

Today marks nine months since I’ve seen her face. Before Ana died, I never realized how many parallels there are with birth and death. both events are transformative, life changing, life affirming. Yes, even death is life affirming. There is … Read More »


14 Dec

It’s December and, well, I’m not okay. I start each day with the best of intentions: I will be more productive, I will be present and mindful, I will bring Ana with me into the new day… Oh, but I … Read More »

Modern Loss Essay

4 Dec

This is my first piece in Modern Loss. I wrote it in October (also the last time I saw a hummingbird in the yard). Rereading it reminds me that I’ll have something very special to look forward to in spring. … Read More »

Well, We Did It

24 Nov

It’s impossible for me to describe the first Thanksgiving without Ana, because it didn’t feel like she wasn’t here. It felt like Ana was everywhere — in the deviled eggs her aunt Amy made, in Emily’s Christmas-themed bedroom, in the … Read More »

Gratitude and Loss

21 Nov

In September, when everyone’s Facebook feeds were filled with back to school photos and brightly decorated college dorm rooms, I felt particularly bereft. I mean, no more so than now I suppose — with Thanksgiving looming and all, but it … Read More »